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Brisa Zavala

Brisa Zavala

Academic Program Manager


office: 375 1530 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84112 Room 327J

phone: 801.585.3545


School of Architecture Academic Program Manager

  • Advising and assisting graduate students and interfacing with the Graduate School and International Students & Scholars office. Recruiting potential graduate students.
  • Monitoring graduate student academic progression and graduation.
  • Processing graduate admissions and providing support to Admissions Committee.
  • Developing fall, spring and summer course schedules.
  • Assists in building reports for accreditation of the department.

Brisa is an alum of the University of Utah and has worked in higher education since 2018. Professionally, Brisa’s focus has been on advocacy and support for BIPOC and first-generation college students. Brisa has a background in Chemistry, Latin American studies and Anthropology. She speaks English, Spanish and Nahuatl.