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Rima Ajlouni, Ph.D. (she/her)

Associate Professor



ARCH 1630 Basic Architectural Communication I

ARCH 1632 Basic Architectural Communication II

ARCH 4011 Architectural Studio IV

ARCH 6815 Research Methods


Dr. Ajlouni is an Associate Professor of Architecture at the University of Utah. Her work centers on the use of computation and digital tools in architecture and historic preservation, focusing on linking historical research and mathematics to contemporary applications through computation and digital fabrication. Her earlier research focused on investigating digital methods for the reconstruction of historic Islamic geometric patterns.  Early in her career, Dr. Ajlouni led the design team for the reconstruction of the Minbar of Saladin in Al Aqsa Mosque. In 2010, Dr. Ajlouni directed the effort in establishing the first international Historic Preservation program in Iraq (part of $13 million grant). Her recent work on quasi-periodic patterns in Islamic architecture has led to the development of long-range non-periodic structural lattice systems, which has potential for a wide cross-disciplinary applications in sciences, technology, and humanities.