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Associate Professor Jörg Rügemer’s Recent Scholarly Accomplishments

Jörg Rügemer participated and presented at the 2023 Advanced Building Skins conference in Bern, Switzerland on October 30 and 31, 2023. His paper is titled: Simulation versus Reality: Comparing a small residential building’s performance simulation to its Post-Occupancy monitored operational performance. The presentation and paper briefly address the design, construction, and energy simulations of the 2019-2020 Design+Build Salt Lake Kunga Accessory Dwelling Unit, before it focuses on the building’s post-occupancy performance. As part of Jörg’s research, he developed and installed an off-the-shelf Post Occupancy Monitoring POM system that records all consumption data since spring 2020. In the paper, 28 months of POM data is compared to the predicted consumption data that was simulated with the students during the 2019 design phase, with the deviations between the two data sets discussed and analyzed with regard to the actual user behavior.

As part of the international travel, Jörg also visited the 2023 Venice Biennale: The Laboratory of the Future, during which he collected a considerable amount of inspiration for his future work.
To conclude, Jörg was also invited to present at the 2023 AIA Custom Residential Architect’s Network symposium on October 12 and 13 in Salt Lake City. His presentation was on Accessory Dwelling Units as one possible solution to address the severe housing crisis within the Salt Lake City jurisdiction and along the Wasatch Front. As an additional honor, Jörg was asked to moderate Tom Kundig’s lecture, who was the symposium’s keynote speaker.

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