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Professor Ajla Akšamija Elected to the FTI College of Fellows

Professor and Chair Ajla Akšamija has been elected to the Facade Tectonics Institute (FTI) College of Fellows. The FTI held its College of Fellows induction ceremony at the conclusion of the World Congress in Los Angeles on October 13.

The FTI College of Fellows is composed of members of the Institute who are elected to Fellowship by a jury of their peers. Fellowship is one of the highest honors the FTI can bestow upon a member. Elevation to Fellowship not only recognizes the achievements in facade design as an individual but also elevates before the public and the profession those individuals who have made significant contributions to architecture and to the Institute. Professor Akšamija’s research, teaching and professional work in facade design, development and education have made significant contributions to the field.

In 2022, the FTI College of Fellows introduced a mentoring program that pairs aspiring façade designers with Fellows. The program enables students and young professionals the opportunity to connect with seasoned professionals in the fields of facade design and engineering.

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