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Visiting Asst. Prof. Ezgi Bay’s Recent Publication on the Assessment of Natural Ventilation Strategies

Ezgi Bay, Visiting Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture, has published an article for the Journal of Building Engineering, evaluating natural ventilation strategies for historic buildings in hot and humid climates. The goal of this research was to determine which natural ventilation scenario delivers the most adequate indoor environmental conditions for occupant comfort, preservation of artwork, and preservation of the building using a UNESCO World Heritage Site in San Antonio, Texas, as a case study. This case study was selected for its particularly challenging – hot and humid – conditions in a predominantly cooling-oriented climate.  Using three-dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics and energy modeling,  the suitability of natural ventilation for this historically significant site was assessed.

To read the full publication, click here.

Case Study Building Mission Concepcion Catholic Church.


Case study building exterior (top left) and interior (bottom left) with keyed architectural elements, and a site map (right).


Case study floor plan illustrating the temperature and relative humidity data loggers’ locations with keyed architectural elements.


Case study sample airflow model scenario without natural ventilation during spring and summer seasons.

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