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Assistant Professor Kate Malaia Awarded the CCA 2024 Research Fellowship

The Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) has named Dr. Kate Malaia as one of the CCA 2024 Research Fellows.
The Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) research fellowship is a two-month residency meant to give scholars access to CCA archives and build a research community.
Dr. Malaia’s prior research was predominantly on urban housing. For some years, Malaia has looked at ways urbanites change their dwellings to stay up to speed with social, economic, and political change. Reciprocally, Malaia also examined how changes in individual homes affect society at large. While Dr. Malaia continues to be interested in domestic architecture and change, she decided to step out of my comfort zone and study something she has not looked at before: rural housing, specifically Soviet-built rural mass housing in Ukraine that still constitutes most of the Ukrainian rural built environment.
To help create a knowledge base for this effort, this summer, Dr. Malaia will travel to Ukraine to document existing rural home types and then head to the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal to continue archival work and begin writing a book on Ukrainian rural mass housing.
Please check the link below regarding the formal announcement of the CCA 2024 Research Fellows:
The School of Architecture congratulates Dr. Kate Malaia on this great accomplishment!

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