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Associate Professor and Associate Dean Lisa Henry Co-Edits and Contributes to the Latest Issue of the Architect Magazine

The School of Architecture is pleased to announce the new publication of Associate Professor and Associate Dean Lisa Henry. Professor Lisa Henry co-edited and contributed to the latest issue of the Architect magazine.

Please read extracts (below) from the contribution.

Dark Matter U would like to introduce the latest issue of ARCHITECT magazine: “Architectures of Joy, Abundance, and Collectivity.” In this groundbreaking edition, Dark Matter U was invited to co-author, design, and co-edit this special issue, shedding light on the incredible work of their talented members that are redefining the world of architecture. Dark Matter U’s mission is to reshape the architectural landscape, championing social justice, inclusivity, collectivity, equity, diversity, and creative brilliance. From rich contextual urban designs to community-focused projects and thought-provoking essays, the Dark Matter Issue highlights the many ways in which our members engage in anti-racist models of design education and practice!


Her co-editors are Albert Chao, Tonia Sing Chi, Pedro Cruz Cruz, Kamila Diaz, Stephen F. Gray, Jerome Haferd, A.L. Hu, christin hu, Justin Garrett Moore, shawhin roudbari, Camille Sherrod, Victor Zagabe.

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