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Assistant Professor Michael Abrahamson Presents and Publishes Research

Assistant Professor Michael Abrahamson recently gave conference presentations related to two of his current research projects. At Southeast College Arts Conference (SECAC), held this fall in Baltimore, Maryland, he presented “Labor in and on the Landscape: Architectures of Organizing in the Mining Town, 1975-1925,” a paper that is part of a long-term project on architecture built by and for the organized labor movement in the US.

At Southeast Chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians (SESAH), held in Memphis, Tennessee, he delivered a paper titled “Master Planning a New Urban Spectacle: The Galleria, Houston, ca. 1970.” This paper is part of another ongoing research project looking into master plans designed by architects in the post-WWII period—a collaboration with Joss Kiely of the University of Cincinnati under the working title “The Masterplan at Midcentury: Soft Power and the Politics of Architectural Expertise, 1945–75.”

Anti-union mob assembled outside the Victor Miners’ Union Hall, Victor, Colorado, June 7, 1904 (Victor Heritage Society)


A busy night at the Galleria 1 ice rink; view showing reflections in the mirrored ceiling above the frozen surface (Houston Chronicle)

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