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DesignBuildUTAH@Bluff Featured in Architectural Digest

The DesignBuildUTAH@Bluff program has been featured in the Architectural Digest magazine, in an article “How Indigenous Architects, Artists, and Activists are Using Design to Restore Tribal Sovereignty.” Graduate students and faculty co-directors (Hiroko Yamamoto and Atsushi Yamamoto) have been working this semester on building a home for a client and her family, titled “Still Point.” The design aims to create a sense of stillness for the home recipient, who has lived away from her family for 50 years. The home includes an entryway that also serves as a greenhouse, a patio, and an outdoor kitchen. Still Points’ red cladding material creates a special landmark within the open landscape.

Celebratory open house is planned for December 17, 3 to 5 pm.  Students and faculty plan to complete and publish a building journal, which will detail materials and systems, construction drawings and expansion plans.


DesignBuildUTAH@Bluff students, faculty and volunteers (Fall 2022).

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